Jennifer Olszewski
Piano Teacher
Durham, NH

Do I need a piano?

You will need a piano or keyboard to practice at home. Some students start with a digital keyboard. Of course a real piano is best. If a piano is not an option for you, a keyboard that will respond to pressure and play loud or soft and has a sustain pedal is best.

Can I drop my child off for the lesson?

Parents may stay for the lesson or drop children off.

How often will I have a piano lesson and how much will it cost?

Piano lessons are 30 minutes, once a week. Beginner books will cost $6.50 and $6.95 for the lesson and theory books in the Faber Method. Adding to the program with other books in the same level is optional, as desired, depending on interest and ability. As students progress, many choose popular songs available as sheet music. Piano Lesson tuition is due on the first lesson of the month for that month. Lesson books are purchase as students progress through each level of difficulty.

Can you teach adults to play piano?

I have taught several adult students from the beginning and they have all done very well.

Will I need anything else?

I have found that students who can practice at home with a metronome will learn tempo and rhythm better. A metronome ticks on the beat of the music at the setting desired. The beat is measured in beats per minute. A steady beat at the correct tempo for the piece can sometimes be hard to learn without using a metronome. Some digital pianos have them built in. There are different styles available at music stores. They are small and generally not very expensive.


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